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The Story of the Birthright

The 'birthright' embodies special blessings which God gives to those who keep His commandments and obey His Word. It is God's plan of salvation, biblical values, covenants, and heritage. The overall blessing of the birthright is happiness, because it is a culture of liberty that frees us from the bondage and sorrow of sin. C.A. Davidson believes this birthright was lost to our youth after the Supreme Court banned the Bible and religion in schools; and that because of this decision, America turned her back on God, leaving her people behind to face dire consequences. She hopes her story will be shared by others, in order to rescue this birthright for the rising generation. 

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Epic Hero Kneeling, Jacob and Esau & Holy Bible

Background Story

In biblical history, it was customary for the eldest son to receive the birthright blessing, but he had to be righteous and worthy. Rebekah, a mother in Israel, gave birth to twin boys. Esau, the eldest son, cared so little about the birthright that he sold it for a hot meal. Turning his back on God, he continued making immoral choices. He realized too late that he had squandered the most blessed gift anyone could receive in this life.

Prompted by the Holy Spirit, Rebekah rescued the birthright blessing for her descendants by ensuring it was bestowed upon Jacob, the younger brother, who had kept himself worthy of receiving it. Jacob went on to become known as Israel. Because of his righteousness, the choice covenant blessings of Abraham transcended the centuries. It is preserved for us, unto this day, if we will but choose to look to God and obey His Word.

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America Sold Her Birthright to the State

According to C.A. Davidson, On June 17, 1963, America sold her birthright and turned her back on God, as this was the day the Supreme Court ruled a ban on Bible and prayer in schools. After this ruling, the Wall Street Journal commented that atheism was now "the one belief to which the state's power will extend its protection." This lack of connection to the Christian church and its values, has led America down a path of violence and self-destruction.

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What Have We Received in Return?

After that fateful day when Supreme Court judges shut God out of our schools, violent crime increased 700%, including riots and bombings; drug abuse also soared. Since then, America has been plagued with one of the highest immorality rates in the industrialized world. Gone is the simple, time-tested tradition of families eating dinner together, along with the traditional family; and more than 50 years later, the birthright, with its Judeo-Christian values, is rapidly disappearing from our society.

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