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The Birthright, Key to Your Future

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Just like English novelist Flora Thompson's popular trilogy Lark Rise to Candleford, which captures the simple but rich life she experienced in the English countryside before it was changed forever by the Industrial Revolution of the late 1800s, author C.A. Davidson shares her story of change in Birthright. Davidson's book is an account of life in America before the infamous Supreme Court ruling which banned the Bible from our schools. She believes that ban has changed society because the younger generation is disconnected from their Judeo-Christian culture, and that this is why there is an increase of crime, drug abuse, riots, bombings, and more. Her historical novel aims to restore lost Biblical values in order to rescue the rising generation.

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Birthright is a memorable work of Western culture for people of all ages. C.A. Davidson writes of the history she has seen for herself, showing the raw power of truth in a world of deceit. She has witnessed the disconnect young adults have from their cultural heritage and the consequences of keeping God out of schools.

Join heroic young Benjamin in his epic quest for the elusive 'birthright,' the key to the very survival of life and liberty as Western Civilization hangs in the balance. Join Benjamin in the quest for truth. Are you looking for Truth? Find it here.

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